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Butterfly inventory in Tursujuq National Park, Tasiujaq sector | Blog | Space for life 26-May-2019 1:58
Skip to main content ... Français ... Jobs and internships ... Packages with Montreal Tower ... Planetarium Rio Tinto Alcan - Showtimes ... Group packages with Montréal Tower ... Strollers and changing tables ... The Pathway to Phytotechnologies 7 stations Filtering marshes ... Butterfly inventory in Tursujuq National Park, Tasiujaq sector
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Role, mission and goals 15-Aug-2008 17:05
... of competitions held in the framework of international, national and local events to which all representatives of municipal parks and gardens departments, and even ... others, of events, exhibitions and local, national and international competitions. ... To encourage the collaboration among parks and gardens departments throughout the entire ...
Section: Mosaïcultures EN
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Parking Permits 16-Apr-2019 14:59
Parking Permits The Lachine Borough has established, on its territory, various parking areas that are reserved for parking permit holders. ... -Joseph, between street numbers 472 and 498 (one resident's parking permit and one visitor's parking permit per street number) ... Sector 8: national historic site of Commerce-de-la-Fourrure-à-Lachine
Section: Arr. de Lachine EN
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Recreational and tourist sectors 1-Sep-2011 16:02
The borough is as noteworthy for the beauty of its shoreline parks as it is for its rich history. ... The Lachine Museum, the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site, the Saints-Anges Gardiens Church, the Sainte-Anne Convent, the Guy Descary Cultural Complex, the small canal, the Outdoor Museum and its monumental sculptures, the Lachine ...
Section: Arr. de Lachine EN
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Fur Trade National Historic Site 8-Sep-2011 10:44
Fur Trade National Historic Site Trace the lives of trappers, adventurers, trappers, traders and Native Americans and ... downtown Montréal, the Fur Trade at Lachine National Historic Site welcomes you to its ... e Avenue (Lachine); rue Victoria and 10e Avenue (parking lot). ... Bus #195 (Angrignon metro or Dorval train station) exit at 12
Section: Arr. de Lachine EN
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Public education section 4-Jul-2012 15:57
The mission of the public education section is to develop educational tools and ... various fire safety training activities; ... educational tours with the fire simulator in parks and during special events; ... the presence of members of our team at the National Home Show, the Salon des générations and the Parents and Kids Fair.
Section: z333 - service_sim_v2_en
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Arenas and outdoor rinks 25-Sep-2018 14:22
Montréal has 34 municipal arenas with 40 rinks. ... To find out where arenas are located, visit your borough’s Web site: ... The home of the national short-track speed skating centre. ... Outdoor skating rinks in neighbourhood parks (in French) In cold weather, you can enjoy open rinks for skating or hockey in neighbourhood parks.
Section: Section sports EN
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Publications 20-Mar-2019 8:23
Work declaration following the flooding [83,8 ko - 1 page] ... Positioning the wheeled bin for recyclables collection[70,7 ko - 1 page] ... Study on parking around SunnyBrooke train stration [12,3 Mo - pages] ... Presentation parking roxboro-gares [5 Mo - 35 pages] ... retour ... Fête nationale du Québec 2014 [160,4 ko - 1 page]
Section: Arr. de Pierrefonds-Roxboro EN
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Action 5.4 - 1/2 26-Apr-2006 10:52
The concentration of large-scale cultural and recreational facilities, such as museums, concert halls and large metropolitan parks, combined with the quality of major annual events taking place in the Centre (Jazz Festival, Just For Laughs Festival, World ... for new tourist facilities with metropolitan, national or international outreach.
Section: Master Plan
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Risks 23-Jun-2015 15:19
Certain materials used for roofs and walls, as well as for parking lots, roads and streets, also contribute to this phenomenon. ... Rigorous monitoring of water level stations ... is at a crossroads of major transportation routes, with the Canadian Pacific and Canadian National (CP and CN) railways running across it and Highway 25 toward the ...
Section: Centre de sécurité civile EN
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